Collective Haul #1

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 ·

Over the past couple of weeks I've picked up a few bits and pieces here and there which I thought I'd share with you guys. Some of it may not be all that interesting but if you're anything like me (aka down right nosey) then hopefully you'll still enjoy a little peak into what I've been picking up here and there. There's a little bit of everything so lets dive in... 

Up first, razors (I told you it might be boring). They're one of those things I hate spending money on, don't ask me why, but needs must I suppose and I do love these Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 ones! Next up is Batiste dry shampoo, recently this has become a vital part of my daily routine as I've been working out 5 days a week and I don't like to wash my hair everyday.  
Whilst strolling the aisles in Boots I came across the new Rimmel Brow This Way. I wanted the tinted version for blondes but it was out of stock so instead I went with the clear version. I fill in my brows everyday with Mac Omega eyeshadow and I've been looking for a reasonably priced brow gel so we'll see how this goes! I couldn't resist picking up this Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bad Bronze which I'm hoping will be ideal for doing a subtle smokey eye in the day. 

Now technically I didn't buy these but I had to have them resized so I couldn't resist including them. Matthew bought me this set of 8 sterling silver stacking rings from Silver by Ginger for our anniversary a couple of months ago and I am absolutely in love with them. I wear them pretty much everyday as they're so dainty and easy to wear and go with everything. Do you love stacking rings as much as me? 
My favourite thing I actually bought for myself recently has definitely been my new Nike Free Train  4.0's. As I said I've started working out 5 days a week so it seemed an ideal time to invest in some decent trainers. More on these in a post soon!

Last but not least the most random thing I've bought...a floral pig money bank! I used to have a Terramundi Money Pot but I recently had to break it as it was full so I picked up this cute little guy until I get a new Terramundi. 
I hope you guys enjoyed having a little sneak into what I've been spending my hard earned money on lately. I always love haul's as it tends to curb my urge to go shopping, except those occassions I see something that I just have to pick up...

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