A Coastal Weekend

Monday, 1 June 2015 ·

Last weekend, due to it being a bank holiday here in the UK, was the perfect opportunity for Matthew and I to escape from the hustle and bustle of London and get out into the countryside. With having that extra day we decided to head down to Cornwall as usually it's a pretty long way to go just for 2 days! 

My grampa lives just the other side of Plymouth and I've been going there 2/3 times a year since I was born so it's very much a home away from home for me, and since my parents have moved house this secluded little Cornish village means so much more to me. It truly is my favourite place in the world. 

I got a little bit distracted for most of the weekend and completely forgot to take any photos for the majority of it so I apologise for that... But I did remember to crack out my camera when we headed over to Polperro, a beautiful fishing village on the south Cornish coast. The weather was incredible that evening and so the light was just stunning so I couldn't resist taking a bunch of photos of the quay and some of the winding passageways. 

The views speak for themselves so I'm going to leave this post here and let you enjoy them in peace and quiet. If you're ever down in the area I highly recommend going and seeing this place for yourselves. 

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