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Saturday, 1 March 2014 ·

On Saturday Matthew and I decided to head up to Sloane Square so that we could have a little wander around Chelsea in the sun for the afternoon. I absolutely love window shopping along King's Road, especially in Anthropologie everything in there is so beautiful! So after a couple of hours of mooching around and making a mental wish list of everything that I want we decided it was about time we stopped somewhere for a coffee to recharge our batteries. That was when we stumbled across L'ETO, with all of those beautiful cakes and tarts in the window I couldn't possibly resist stopping here.

I ordered a cream vanilla latte and Matthew opted for a London Hot Chocolate - is it sad that I was super excited when they arrived ad they had these cute patterns in the foam on top?! I wish I knew how to do that on my coffees at home!

Then came the raspberry tart - this was literally incredible! It has a lovely flakey pastry case filled with marzipan sponge, topped with smooth rich custard and fresh raspberries - I think I could have eaten about 4 of these! Not to mention one of pretty much everything else in the window - how are you ever supposed to choose when it all looks THIS GOOD!

Seeing all these lovely cakes got me in the mood to do some baking - come back soon to see a baking post! What did everyone else get up to this weekend?

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