Cocktails With A View

Thursday, 3 July 2014 ·

As a little birthday treat I invited my mum down to London last weekend for a bit of a girly day with a surprise bit of luxury for the afternoon (more on that soon!). It's not often that we get to have a girly day to ourselves to mooch around the shops without the boys loitering outside wishing we'd stop swooning over handbags we can't afford to it was lovely to get a day to do just that. 

To finish off our day, we met up with Matthew (breaking the rules of  a girls day I know but it was mum's idea) and we headed up to Madison Tapas and Cocktail Bar  opposite St Paul's Cathedral. Matthew and I had popped up here before we went for dinner at Coq D'Argent (more on that here) but we didn't have time for a drink so I was keen to go back and try out something from their infamous cocktail list. 

You really couldn't be closer to St Paul's if you tried (or not with a cocktail in hand anyway!) and the view is truly amazing so we spent quite a bit of time gazing out over the London skyline and taking some pictures. 
Then we moved onto the bar.... and after much deliberation I decided to go with a Madison Passion which consisted of champagne, rose vodka and passion fruit. I know the rose vodka bit might sound a little strange but in all honesty you can't really taste it anyway, it just adds a little extra kick. 
Having seen mine being made mum couldn't resist having the same!
Matthew broke the trend though and went with a Winter Mojito which had sloe gin, fresh basil, lime and soda water in it. I was secretly glad we chose this one as I'd been eyeing up too so I was looking forward to having a sneaky little try. I was actually a little jealous after I'd tried was delicious, the basil was a lovely change from the usual mint in a mojito - might have to try and make it at home! 
That view is just something else! You really can't beat a rooftop bar in London in the summer months! 
Madison Tapas and Cocktail Bar really is a wonderful place to go to either just for the great view of St Paul's or to try out one of their many cocktails. They even have a giant screen and deck chairs to sit back and enjoy the last few days of Wimbledon! 

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