Upcycled Bedside Table

Monday, 27 October 2014 ·

One of the worst things about living in a rented flat has to be the temporary nature of it all. I know that ideally in the new year we'll be buying a flat and moving in there so there doesn't seem to be much point buying furniture for the rented flat when it might not fit in in the new flat... So I took it upon myself to upcycle my old bedside tables and make them a little more 'chic', or my interpretation anyway!

Back in June, when I was away in France (visit here and here if you want to find out more about my trip) my mum and I both picked up some beautiful enamel handles for drawers etc and I had this specific DIY in mind when I bought them. It really is amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint and some new handles can make.

So for a simple and yet super effective DIY / upcycle project you will need:
  • All purpose white primer / undercoat 
  • White eggshell paint
  • Paint brush 
  • Wooden dowel (or something similar to mix the paint)
  • Handles of your choice
  • Bedside table
First up you need to remove the original handles off the bedside table. Now I was too excited when I got these handles in France so I swapped them over as soon as I got back so forgive me for not having a proper 'before' photo. 
Next up, make sure to wipe down the bedside table so that it is completely clean before you start the painting as otherwise the paint won't settle right. Then all you need to do is crack into the primer, give it a mix and get painting. It's usually easiest to do this by taking the drawers out so that you can get into every nook and cranny that could possibly be visible - you don't want any of the original wood poking through on the final product. It may take 2 coats of the primer, depending on the finish of the bedside table, so just see how it goes, the primer tends to dry pretty fast so don't worry too much. 

When the primer is dry mix up the eggshell paint and dive back in and get the first coat done. Then it comes down to personal preference as to whether or not you want a little bit of the original wood showing through. Personally I really like it as it gives it a slightly distressed look. 

Now last but not least, when the paint is all dried and your happy with the finish it's time to screw on the new handles, pop the drawers back in and put it to use. 
I'm delighted with the result of this as my wardrobe is also a slightly distressed white too so it all ties in so well. What do you think of my first attempt at upcycling? 

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