Date Night in Southbank

Thursday, 15 May 2014 ·

Last week Matthew surprised me by announcing that he was going to take me out for dinner at my favourite restaurant, Ping Pong, as a treat  - I'm not too sure what I did to deserve it but who am I to complain! So after work I popped home for a (very) quick outfit change and headed out for date night. 

My new camera had arrived a few days previously so we decided to go to the Southbank branch as then we could have a little mooch along Southbank after dinner and I could have a little play with my new camera. 
 Despite my speediness at popping home the restaurant was absolutely packed when we got there, it was a Friday night so I shouldn't have been so surprised, but it was a great excuse to have a couple of cocktails to start. Unfortunately Matthew hated his but I guess thats what happens when you order a cocktail involving wasabi of all things. Mine was much more of a success although it was pretty much pure alcohol so I decided to take it sloooow! When our buzzer finally went telling us our table was available I pretty much ran down the stairs as I was ravenous!  
 Now for the fun part! Typically I can be a little predictable with my food, I discover what I like and I rarely stray from it and Ping Pong is no exception so there were no surprises when I ordered some firm favourites - roast pork buns and potato cakes. 
 On this occasion I got sucked in by the specials that were on offer and we got some of the tempura asparagus and some spinach and beef dumplings - both of which were AMAZING, I highly recommend them. Ping Pong is such a fantastic restaurant, everything comes in 3's so there's no excuse not to try as many things as possible and they also do great set menu's - especially their Super 8 menu which unfortunately I never get the benefit of as it's only available Monday-Friday 12pm-5pm! 
After way too much food and probably a smidgen too much wine (it was a Friday, that's a good excuse right?) we finally left the restaurant and went for a wander along the Thames which is just stunning at night. My photo's really do not do it justice that's for sure - I'm going to have to pop back again when I've got the hang of my camera. 

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