Impromptu Summer Haul!

Friday, 9 May 2014 ·

There's nothing I love more than travelling whether it's in the UK, Europe of further afield and so I've been counting down for my holiday to France ever since I booked it back in February. Therefore with only a month to go I finally gave myself permission to go and do a little bit of shopping - you can't go away without a few new bits and pieces right or is that just me?

First up, I popped into Primark. I tend to find it kind of hit or miss in there not only because of the varying stock but also it really depends on my mood as sometimes I really can't stand the crowds and messiness! However, this time was relatively successful and I'm pretty pleased with my finds.

Probably my favourite thing was these cute Aztec print pumps. I buy a variation of these pretty much every year - last year was floral - they are so comfy and versatile. I think they look super cute with summer dresses, shorts and jeans, well that's pretty much everything isn't it?! Also living in the UK, even in summer we can't guarantee the weather and so these are ideal for wearing when the weathers not so great but still look summery. I guarantee I'll get a lot of use out of these and I might have to pop back in and see if there's any other patterns.
This bright floral, Hawaiian-esque print top was something I fell in love with at first site. I tend to be attracted to fairly muted colours in general so this was quite out of character for me but it'll be a great addition to my wardrobe to brighten up some of my spring/summer outfits.
Next up, another pair of shoes (be warned there's a few in this haul - I went a bit shoe crazy!). I tend to struggle a lot with sandals as they always seem to rub my feet but I'm hoping that these ones won't rub as they seem to be really soft 'leather'. The pop of red is also really unique. Fingers crossed I don't get dodgy tan lines from these...!
I can't resist a good monochrome t-shirt so as soon as I saw this I knew that it had to be mine! The intricate design of the elephant is beautiful and stops it from being too casual. I think this looks great just with jeans and sandals so is great for a casual day out.
Pair of shoes number 3 - these wouldn't be my usual choice as sandals with a strap between the toes are usually incredibly uncomfortable for me but they were only £4 so I figured it was worth the risk. They were too cute to leave behind! The gold detailing makes them look a bit smarter than the first pair of sandals and therefore could be dressed up for wearing in the evening too.
I don't think I ever go into Primark and don't pick up some PJ's - they're just so comfy, I can't ever have enough pairs. This time I was specifically looking for a nice cotton pair for wearing during the warmer months as my PJ collection seems to be dominated by fluffy flannel which is perfect for winter but it's always good to have something a bit cooler. I absolutely adore the colour of these and the polka dot pattern.
Last but not least from Primark is this daisy print bikini. The pattern immediately caught my eye and then I noticed the style of the top - you can remove the halterneck strap to make it a bandeau which is perfect for me as I like to switch it up everyday to try and avoid getting too many strap marks.
I also had a quick look in Forever21. I love the clothes in there but I decided to save those for another shopping trip so instead headed straight to the jewellery department. So I picked up 2 sets of rings - 1 gold set with 3 plain rings and a heart midi ring, and then a set of silver midi rings. I'm not sure how much I like midi rings to be honest but these were super cheap so I wanted to try them out. 
Last but not least I bought a couple of more practical things for holiday - some toothbrush covers as I think these would be great for when we're travelling. Then I popped into Muji and picked up 2 of their clear airport bags for cosmetics etc as when we go to France I'm not checking any baggage so I need all my toiletries in a clear bag - fingers crossed these will be enough!

I can't wait for our holiday now - I am in serious need of a break and some relaxation by the pool and copious amounts of delicious food!!


  1. I love the elephant shirt and the aztec shoes, such good finds! Ad you always need another pair of pajama bottoms :)

    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. Thank you - I love them too, they've had plenty of use already! Just had a little peak at your blog - it looks great! I'll definitely be following you on instagram, bloglovin etc from now - would love if you followed me too :)