Top Picks of the London Markets

Monday, 12 January 2015 ·

Ever since I was a child, one of my favourite things to do in London has been to visit some of the many markets dotted about the city. Having lived in London for over a year now (and my my has it flown by) I've visited too many markets to be able to list but here are my top picks... 

With so many markets on offer and often only the weekend to attend them it can be virtually impossible to decide which to actually visit. So, to help you  out, here are my top picks - I'd recommend dragging yourself out of bed to get to them all as early as possible to get the best experience. 

This is the undeniably the ultimate foodie market in London. Getting here early means you can avoid the crowds of tourists and instead mooch about at your own pace and take everything in - it really is a feast for the senses!

You can get everything from fresh local fruit and veggies to produce from further afield, cheese and meats are particularly popular. Not only this but there is also an abundance of stalls cooking up fresh produce which is virtually impossible to resist!

This is my favourite market to head to if I want to spend the entire morning wandering along (or even the whole day). With a mix of food, antiques, crafts, home wares and second hand/vintage clothes there really is something for everyone!

Personally I prefer to stick to the top end of the street where it's predominantly antiques as you never know gem what you might find hidden amongst it all.

I don't tend to venture into East London all that often but Broadway Market is well worth the trip. It is the perfect combination of Borough and Portobello market with everything from French cheese, Moroccan salads and traditional British cakes to handmade lace lingerie, woven baskets and even Scandinavian home wares.

If you like to people watch then it's definitely worth grabbing a coffee outside one of the cafes or restaurants that line the market.

Looking for a unique gift for someone? Look no further than Old Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street. There are hundreds of stalls here and all of them provide something interesting and unique so you can be guaranteed to find something for everyone!

In addition to this there are some lovely shops that line the covered square of the market including a great gourmet chocolatier! To top it off, if you start to feel peckish then head over to Poppies on Hanbury Street for the best fish and chips!

This is my go to market on a Saturday morning, while the sun is shining, to pick up some fresh fruit and veg for the coming week and maybe a cheeky sweet treat from one of the fantastic bakery stalls. This is the type of market that you can go back to week on week and genuinely do your weekly shop and after a little while you'll start to see familiar faces doing exactly the same thing.

Not only this but there are also some fantastic street food stalls, my personal favourite being a hog roast stand which does the best (and biggest) roast pork baps I've ever had!

Last but not least, something  a little bit different. If you've never been to Columbia Road Market on a Sunday morning then you are seriously missing out. It's a fantastic flower market in Tower Hamlets and is undoubtedly worth getting out of bed early for. Come rain or shine you can guarantee that this market will be absolutely buzzing, plus who needs an excuse to pick up some fresh flowers to brighten up your home??

What's your favourite London market?


  1. I have never been around the food markets in London, they look so yummy though.


    1. London food markets are the best. I like nothing more than a lazy Saturday morning strolling around tasting everything on offer and picking up a few treats to make a delicious dinner that night! I can't recommend them highly enough!