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Thursday, 17 April 2014 ·

A few months ago I was on the way to work and was flicking through Timeout (which by the way, alongside Stylist, is my saviour on the commute to work) and I came across an article about Mama Lan and immediately added it to my list of restaurants I wanted to go to. I'd wandered past it a couple of times but it never really caught my attention until I read about it.

So the other night Matthew and I were feeling particularly lazy and didn't want to go home and cook (nothing new there) so figured we'd try this out instead! It's a really small restaurant, much smaller than I thought - I figured it would have a downstairs part or something but no it only has about 6/7 tables most of which are only for 2 people! To drink we both got an apple and elderflower fix which was a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail made up of apple juice, elderflower cordial and soda water - this is definitely something I'm going to be making at home as it was so tasty and refreshing.
On to the food - the most important part! We were both pretty hungry but as we hadn't been there before we decided to just order a little selection and share everything / fight over it all!! My choices were two of the smaller dishes - spicy chicken wings and pork buns.
The pork buns were AMAZING. They were filled with some kind of slow cooked pork which just melted in my mouth and they were so moist (anyone else hate the word moist?!). My only complaint with this was that there were only 2 buns...nowhere near enough!
Now the chicken wings... the menu did warn that they were spicy but me being me I totally ignored this. I am not the biggest fan of spicy food - for example when I get a curry its chicken tikka massala or nothing, boring I know! So the chicken wings arrived and they looked delicious so I jumped right in only to end up being choked by some chilli catching me at the back of my throat. Now don't get me wrong the wings were seriously tasty I just couldn't quite hack the spice so Matthew got to eat them all guilt free! Lucky boy!
Last but not least was Matthews choice - beef noodle soup. I am such a fan of a good clear noodle soup so this ticked a lot of boxes for me. Not only was it really tasty but the portion was enormous! I'm so glad that we decided to share as there's no way I would have been able to finish it by myself. My only issue with noodle soup is that I always make such a mess - I end up with soup all over myself, does anyone else have this problem?

I highly recommend Mama Lan if you want a delicious dinner and great service. They also have a take away service so long as you can pick it up so make sure to give it  a try if you live in either Clapham or Brixton!

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