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Friday, 11 April 2014 ·

This might sound stupid but I never realised that I'd never been to Fortnum & Mason until I actually went there the other week...ok yeh that definitely sounds stupid but it's true! I think it's because over the years people have told me so much about it that I've built up this picture in my head and it's just got to the point that I felt like I'd actually been there. However the other week I found myself wandering past and had a bit of time to spare so thought I'd pop in and have a bit of a mooch around and I am so glad I did.

Before I even walked in the door it was clear that they take their displays very seriously! The most obvious examples of this are the window displays which I absolutely loved. There were so many little details that, despite me standing and ogling them for goodness knows how long, I still didn't notice until I got home and was looking through my pictures. Who would have thought a display purely focused around food could look this good - I think more shops need to devote window displays to their food sections!
Inside it's easy to see the pride that they take in their displays doesn't only reach as far as the window displays, it's continued throughout the entire store, from their chocolates and desserts to tea and biscuits. The beautiful tiffany blue that they use on the majority of their package - particularly the tea and biscuit tins is simply stunning. I won't lie I definitely got sucked in and bought a tin of biscuits purely for the packaging!
All in all it's an understatement to say that this shop is a delight to visit, displays are positioned far enough apart that it doesn't get too crowded and it's genuinely a shop which is lovely to just wander around and take it all in. I saw a few people downstairs in the cheese and meat section wandering around clearly picking things up for their dinner that evening - oh how I would love Fortnum and Mason to be my local shop that I could just pop to without thinking about it. Unfortunately I don't think that will be happening anytime soon so I'll just have to stick with Sainsbury's for now!

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