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Monday, 14 April 2014 ·

Whenever I get asked what my favourite colour is I always find it virtually impossible to give a straight answer as I love any pastel colour. They're always the colours that my eyes are drawn to whether it be fashion, flowers, interiors  - literally anything! I tend to find that my style (particularly with interiors) is a little bohemian and eclectic, I don't like anything too matchy matchy and when it comes to interiors pastels add a great pop of colour without being too in your face and when using pastels you aren't limited to just one colour as they all go so beautifully together.

There aren't many trends that come along that I genuinely love but I couldn't have been happier when the spring/summer trend of pastels started to emerge this year. The first thing I did was go out to Boots and stock up on pastel nail varnishes as my first take on the trend. However since then, I've found myself browsing one too any interiors websites, along with Etsy, to get inspiration of how I can incorporate my love of pastels into my home. Not only this but Matthew and I are currently flat hunting which has got me well and truly one track minded when it comes to homes and interiors. I may be getting a little ahead of myself when it comes to making a wish list of everything I want to buy for when we find somewhere considering we've only been looking for a couple of weeks but what can I say I like to be prepared! Quite how Matthew will feel about all of these pastels I don't know but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! Am I the only one who gets carried away planning for things that haven't even happened yet....?

These are just a few of the things that have caught my eye during my many online browsing sessions over the last couple of weeks. These are a great way to inject a little bit of colour into your home without having to spend a fortune or completely redecorate. I'm someone who always has cream walls and pale bedding and when trend like this come along it reminds me why - it now couldn't be easier for me to incorporate these into my home without things looking out of place.

I think my favourite from this little selection has to be the chopping boards with the pastel edges which are actually courtesy of Pinterest. They're such a lovely and simple DIY so I can't wait to try this out at some point. Speaking of Pinterest, am I the only one who gets lost on there for hours and hours? Too often I get distracted on there when I'm meant to be working - oops! For that reason my Pinterest boards are getting overloaded with inspiration and craft ideas.

If anyone wants a post on my favourites from Pinterest, whether it be crafts, recipes, fashion or anything for that matter just let me know in the comments section.

For more information about any of my latest favs head over to my Luvocracy page!

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