5 Pins I'm Loving {1}

Sunday, 7 December 2014 ·

Having been suffering from tonsillitis this past week I've spent a little too much time on Pinterest, alright a lot too much time. Narrowing down my favourites was a tricky one but fear not I got there in the end... 

1. We all know I love candles, especially ones in lovely little glass jars but I always feel a little guilty when the candles finished and the jar goes straight in the bin! This pin is my inspiration to clean out the next empty candle jar I have and finally have somewhere to keep all all of the bits and pieces that collect in the bottom of drawers. Source

2. This sink set up is just simply perfection to me. The mirror above is such a great way to make the area into a little bit more of a feature rather than purely practical. But most importantly, the mint green tiles, I adore mint green and yet I'd never thought about incorporating it into my kitchen like this. Source

3. I always have an hour or so set aside every weekend for a long relaxing bath and so I can't get enough of any little luxuries to make this time a little more special. Usually I'm a Lush addict but I'm always on the lookout for new brands or even things that I can make myself. Source

4. A snuggly jumper, plaid/tartan scarf and chic hat - what more could you want for the perfect casual winter outfit? An oversized tartan scarf like this is definitely top of my christmas wish list! Source

5. Baking is pretty much the ideal activity for a rainy Sunday afternoon, and we all know days like that are all too frequent at this time of the year so you can never have too many new recipes to try. These smores bars look fantastic and will definitely be next on my list to attempt! Source

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