5 Minute Mani

Monday, 1 December 2014 ·

With winter setting in for the foreseeable future and the urge to simply bundle up in all your warmest clothes, fluffy socks, bobble hats is hard to resist and all our beauty regimes tend to go out of the window... But not to worry here's my fail safe 5 minute manicure to keep you looking glamorous even through the worst of the weather. 

If you want an even quicker mani experience then make sure to do this straight after jumping out of the bath as your cuticles will be nice and soft so much easier to push back. First I'd recommend popping on a little hand cream to further soften your hands. A metal cuticle pusher tends to give the best results and the tidiest cuticles, if you don't already have one then you can get them super cheaply online - try here

Although it might be tempting to trim your cuticles this will typically do more harm than good so try and resist the temptation - it's best to only get this done at a salon. 

Now take a minute to file your nails into whatever shape is your preference, I always go for a 'squoval' as this is easiest to maintain and seems to be the most flattering on my hands. If you have an extra minute it's also good to use a 3 way buffer too (try this one) as this will make your nails look so much healthier. 

Pop a quick base coat on, my favourite is Orly Bonder. Now to the big decision, what colour to go for. If you want this to be a true five minute mani then I'd recommend going for a colour which goes on opaque with one coat to save you time. My go to at this time of year is Maybelline Colour Show in Wine Shimmer - this looks great with one coat and is the perfect autumnal colour. 

Once everything is dried pop a little bit of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream onto your cuticles and your good to go. Admittedly this may take you a little longer than 5 minutes at first but they do say practice makes perfect and I've managed to get this down to an art form so I can assure it is definitely possible to get this done within 5 minutes. 

Do you have any tips for a quick manicure?

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