5 Pins I'm Loving {2}

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 ·

With my Pinterest addiction really taking hold, the past week has been spent scouring the endless pages of Pinterest in search of some new favourite pins. It's all too easy to get lost for hours at a time so my collection of pins steadily growing - make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more of this... 

1. How beautiful are these hand painted Christmas cards? It can be so hard to find really lovely Christmas cards so it would be great to be able to make my own. If I tried making ones like this it would most likely end up looking like a 3 year old had done it! Pin

2. The search for the perfect Christmas day or outfit can often seem to be an impossible task  but this Ted Baker dress ticks all the boxes for me. The royal blue shade is simply stunning and I love the sheer lace panel across the shoulders. Pin

3. I want to hand make as many things as I can this Christmas, so I'm planning on making everything from the presents to the food. This beautiful natural wrapping has inspired me to even go as far as to make my own Christmas wrapping this year so I'm going to experiment with a few different methods I think! Pin
4. As a sucker for any kind of past dish this pin immediately drew my eye, I mean just look at it - how delicious does that look!? Spaghetti isn't my favourite so I'd probably make this with fusilli but I adore red peppers so I can't wait to make this when I need something a little comforting! Pin

5. This will be the perfect addition to the slowly growing gallery wall in my living room. You can't beat a good quote and with a pop of colour too this is perfect. Pin

Let me know if you love Pinterest as much as me as I'd love some new boards to follow! 

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