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Friday, 28 November 2014 ·

Us girls sure do love to hoard our products and as such we tend to hog every inch of space in the bathroom! Since moving in with my boyfriend I've realised boys also seem to collate an impressive array of lotions and potions and not long ago I realised we needed to have a sort out and clear some space...Here are my tips to declutter your bathroom!

First up, and most importantly, before you try and organise anything you need to have a clear out of the products that are used up, out of date or you simply don't like anymore. You'll be amazed at how much space these are taking up! It's one of those jobs we all put off but it'll make organising everything sooo much easier. 
Bathroom Cabinet
You can't go wrong with having a good bathroom cabinet but make sure to get one with a decent height between the shelves so you can fit in all your deodorants, cleansers, toothbrush and hair detanglers. There's nothing more frustrating than the shelves being too low for any of your big products. 

I also pop all my little bit and pieces like hair bobbles, cotton pads etc in the little sections in the doors of the cabinet which works perfectly as otherwise these just linger in the bottom of drawers, handbags etc. 

The most useful thing I have in my bathroom is a tall, narrow set of white wicker drawers which sits next to my sink. So, for a start, this is where I keep my candle, hand soap and little faux plant - I just love how this looks!
But anyway, more importantly for the drawers... Drawers this size are great for keeping bits and pieces like medicines, spare razors, etc etc. I also use the top drawer for more of the products I use on a daily basis but don't have a spot in the cabinet. Bathrooms can get cluttered really quickly if you like to have an array of products on hand to mix up your routine so switch the drawers around every now and then so you have different things in the most easy to access drawers - it might just reinvent your routine! 

Wicker Baskets
Am I the only one who is completely and utterly obsessed with Lush products (or bath products in general to be honest)? My Lush collection got a little out of hand and yet I didn't want to hide it all away in the drawers (it's just too pretty) so I picked up this basket to pop at the end of my bath. 

A basket with a lid is also a great way of keeping things looking a little more minimalist and clean if you prefer it, plus they can hide a multitude of sins...

Shower Caddy
Got housemates or live with your other half? If so, the collection of shower gels and shampoos can get clutter up the sides of the bath in no time and every  time you pick one up it's like a game of dominoes and all the bottles end up round your feet in the bath.

If this seems familiar then maybe you need to pick up a shower caddy. I absolutely love mine as it keeps all of our products out of the way and easily accessible while in the shower. The hooks are also ideal for hanging a flannel or loofa. There's a design for pretty much every style of shower so there's really no excuse not to have one.

Do you have any tips for keeping your bathroom clean and organised?

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