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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 ·

Do you ever feel like life is running away from you? I've most certainly been feeling like this the last month or so thanks to work being incredible busy and more often than not, stressful. Taking my laptop home every night from work has meant I've had little to no time to relax and it's started to take its toll...

Previously I underestimated the importance of just taking some time, be at an hour or just 10 minutes, to simply relax, switch off from the world and maybe have a little pamper session. I've had a brief reprieve from the madness of work in the last week and top of my list was to do just that, relax and my gosh has it felt good. Making the most of the free time I've been making sure I set aside some time to 'myself' every night and I think I've got my relaxation or pamper essentials down to a tea! 

So here's my step by step guide... 

1. Get a bath running and add in your favourite Lush bath bomb - at the moment mine is So White which has a lovely refreshing apple fragrance. Despite how much I love this, a bath simply isn't complete without a mountain of bubbles to retreat under so I usually add in some Radox too. 

2. Now for some mood lighting...I have a ridiculous obsession with fairy lights and candles (they're all over the flat!) and the bathroom is no exception so I switch on my adorable metal lantern fairy lights and light by Calvin Klein Leaves candle. 

3. Next up is entertainment. If you're one of the lucky ones who can simply lie back and relax then pop on your current favourite album and you're good to go. I however am not one of those people so I usually opt either for my book or catching up on some tv (lately it's been X Factor and Downton Abbey!).

4. Once you have all this set up it's time to pop on a face mask, sink under the bubbles and switch off from the world! Mask of Magnaminty from Lush is a new one for me and I love it as you can use it on your body as well as your face and the mint in it is super refreshing!

5. If you're feeling particularly luxurious, why not pop on a hair mask whilst you're at it!

After all this, touch wood, you should be feeling sufficiently relaxed and ready to take on another week in the real world, at least that's the plan! 

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