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Sunday, 9 November 2014 ·

With the seasons changing, albeit quite slowly here in London, it's time for me to start rooting out my jumpers and boots and get my winter wardrobe into shape before the cold weather really kicks in. Therefore this seemed the perfect opportunity to do a little online browsing and see what new additions might be making their way to my wardrobe soon... 
First up, jumpers, here in the UK these are probably the most important thing to have in your wardrobe (and an umbrella of course) as when it gets cold, it gets really cold. Personally, I already have far too many jumpers but I just can't stop so I know I'll be purchasing some more. The blue and cream on this one is perfect for me as I love some bright colours in winter and you could make this more dressy super easily! Buy here.

Now of course there was going to be a more festive jumper in here somewhere as it's a vital part of any winter wardrobe, am I right? But anyway, two cute little penguins, I think it's clear why this one stood out to me! Buy here

This skirt may not be 100% winter appropriate but all the colours caught my eye and the mirror detailing is absolutely beautiful. Pair it with a plain black t-shirt, black tights and booties and you're good to go! Buy here
A girl can never have too many shoes right? My shoe collection is far too big but, like my jumpers, it just keeps on growing...but look how pretty they are, it would be rude not to! 

These beautiful sequin pumps from Zara are a winner to add a bit of glam to the all black outfits I too frequently put together over the colder months. Buy here

Now, a pair of good quality heeled boots is something I actually need, well need might be pushing it but you know what I mean. I love the way the leather kind of dips down to the zip on this pair and the dark grey shade is something just a little bit different. Buy here
Last but not least, accessories - which are arguably the most fun part of any outfit. In winter, the most important thing to me is keeping warm and snuggly! 

A vital part of any winter wardrobe is a good bobble hat and I love the simplicity of this one with it's cute mohair bobble. This would be perfect for those cold blustery mornings waiting for the train or simply to cover up a bad hair day, do you think I could get away with wearing it indoors? Buy here

It's all too easy to let your clothing get a bit boring in the winter by sticking to neutral colours, jumpers and leggings so a good statement necklace is the perfect way to glam things up a bit. J Crew does the most fantastic jewellery and this is a great example and worth every penny. Buy here

When keeping your hands warm is so important a backpack is an ideal solution to keep your hands free to be kept hidden away in your coat pockets. Now don't get me wrong, practicality is always important but when you can disguise practicality in something so chic it's difficult to justify not buying this. Whistles really have hit the nail on the head with this beautiful wine coloured number! Buy here

Finally the scarf, considering I never go out without a scarf, there was never a doubt that one was going to appear somewhere in this post and I love this huge oversized one from ASOS. I first saw this on one of Fleur de Force's haul videos and have been in love ever since. Just my luck, it's currently out of stock but I'll be ordering it the second it becomes available! Buy here

What are your autumn fashion must haves?   

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