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Wednesday, 5 November 2014 ·

After months of lusting after a Diptyque candle, and many trips to John Lewis just to look at how beautiful they are and try and decide which one I'd buy, if I could ever part with £40 on a candle, I finally decided it was time to treat myself with some of my birthday money and here it is... 

I know, I know, £40 on a candle may seem to many people to be completely insane but I'd been debating this for a long time and kept coming back to it whenever I wanted a new candle so it seemed like I was destined to have one (yep I said it, destined- any way to justify it right?) 

So on a cold and blustering Friday evening I popped into Liberty (which by the way is my favourite shop in London) and headed straight to the little Diptyque section...well after a minor detour upstairs to the Christmas department (I just couldn't resist). It took far too long for me to finally make a decision about which one I wanted and I think by the end of it my nose had gone numb to any smells but we got there eventually! 

As this was such a splurge for me I wanted a candle that, potentially, could last a long long time of only being burnt occassionally so I settled on a scent suitable for any time of year, Gardenia. As you can probably guess it's a very floral scent but it's absolutely beautiful. It's been sitting on my bedside table since I got it, the first time I lit it was actually for these photos, but despite it not being lit my room is still filled with the most fantastic, rich scent of flowers and I am loving it. 

So, although this may be a huge amount to pay for a candle, the scent payoff is incredible even when the candle's not lit, obviously it looks great when it's lit, and to be honest I really love the jar and I know I'll put it to good use when the candle is finally finished. Let's just hope I don't get sucked into Diptyque perfumes next... 

If you haven't smelt any of the Diptyque candles I highly recommend it next time your somewhere that stocks them as there are some very unusual scents, including Feu de Bois which smells just like a crackling wood fire and I know would be my mum's favourite! 

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