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Friday, 7 November 2014 ·

I've had an ongoing love affair with Pinterest for quite some time now but, like any love affair, it has it's ups and downs which is only to be expected. Now recently has been rather a long 'down' but that all changed this weekend when I felt the need for a little inspiration in the home department and I turned to my old friend Pinterest and now my only question is, why did I ever turn my back on it? 

1. How beautiful is the floral detailing on the side of these drawers? I love an opportunity to give an old, tired piece of furniture a new lease of life but my usual method is just to give it a lick of fresh paint and new handles (click here to see my latest project). This is such a great way of adding a little finishing touch and another pop of colour, especially if everything else is quite minimal. I can't wait to try this out on the chest of drawers I've been avoiding working on. Source

2. I love this concept of incorporating your bedside lamp into part of your bedside table and the open fronted boxes looks super chic with the little ornaments and the lamp stand running through them. Not sure it would work considering the amount of clutter that accumulates in my bedside drawers but maybe in a guest bedroom? Source

3. My obsession with 'mood lighting' is pretty much never ending, I have more candles than you could ever imagine and I'm always looking for cute fairy lights. I've often looked at decorative bird cages in homeware shops and not known what I'd do with one but maybe I'll try this! Source
4. This pin pretty much sums up my dream living room, all it needs is a cat snuggled up in amongst the cushions! The colour scheme of muted greys and creams is pretty much perfection, I might just throw in the odd mustard yellow cushion for a bit of variety! Source

5. With all the huge, bare white walls in my flat I've become obsessed with the idea of a gallery wall and I love the use of a picture rail and overlapping the pictures here! Source

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Do you love Pinterest too? 

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