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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 ·

You can't beat affordable home accessories if your house is in need of a little pick me up. For me there's always a certain few websites that I head to if I want to brighten up my flat without breaking the bank. Here are my current favourites... 

Vintage Look Floral Door Knob, £3.50
New furniture doesn't come cheap especially when it comes to wardrobes, chests of drawers etc so if your budget won't stretch to new storage solutions then how about revamp what you've got? Change your current door knobs for these beautiful red ones and add a pop of colour - you'll be amazed the difference that this can make. 

Pinterest is full of copper at the moment - it's cropping up everywhere. This wire basket would look great in your bathroom filled with Lush goodies or on a shelf overflowing with scarves. I guarantee you'll find a use for it so what are you waiting for? 

Fresh flowers make a world of difference to a room and I personally love to have them around my flat. The only problem? The recently I've started hunting out great quality artificial flowers and arrangements (post coming soon with some of my favourites). Although these might seem a little pricey initially just remember they won't die within a week! 

Not only do lamps make a lovely feature in a room but they also add a warmth that overhead lighting just doesn't seem to manage. This bronze hammered version is a great way to add a bit of glamour to your space. 

A couple of new cushions is probably the easiest way to change the feel of a room and these moss knit beauties from H&M tick all the boxes. They come in an array of colours so there's something for everyone. 

Black and gold is probably one of the best and most chic colour combinations around. It fit's with pretty much any colour palette you have going. Consider this purchased - I absolutely love it! 

Will you be picking anything up off my list? 

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