Never Ending Flowers

Monday, 16 February 2015 ·

There's something about having fresh flowers and plants around that completely changes the atmosphere of a space. Whether it's a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a few pots of fresh herbs it really does make all the difference. Having pots of herbs on your kitchen counter is completely feasible but to have fresh flowers regularly costs a fortune and often isn't worth it considering they only last around a week! There is an alternative though....artificial flowers! 

Like me, you may be a little sceptical of artificial flowers, thinking that they look very fake and therefore ruin the whole idea! Although this may have been the case in the past, in recent years the quality has increased dramatically and often you can hardly tell they aren't real without touching them. 

I absolutely love artificial flowers and plants and have far too many dotted about my small flat and yet for some reason I can't resist buying more...! They last forever, there's a never ending number of options and are far better value for money. It's actually got to the stage that I try and encourage my other half to buy me artificial instead of real believe it or not! 

There are a number of general options - individual stems and put together your own bouquet (which allows for a lot more freedom), pick pre-prepared bouquets or even go for arrangements complete with pot/vase and even fake water. 

There really is an option for everyone and you won't feel quite so guilty next time you pick up a bunch! Just don't forget to get the duster out on them every now and then or you'll give the game away! 

Are you a fan of artificial flowers or do you still prefer the real thing?  

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