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Monday, 23 February 2015 ·

It's been a little while since I've done a post like this where I take you along with me on a day out or for dinner so when I found out I was going to Jamie's Italian I knew I had to bring my camera along with me! 

Italian is one of my favourite cuisines and although I tend to make it at home a lot I still love to go out for one every now and then as a treat. I've been to a couple of Jamie's Italian's in the past but never the Threadneedle Street branch which is beautiful and has a fantastic atmosphere.

In all honesty though the main reason we settled on Jamie's was that I recently joined the Gold Members Club. I know it sounds fancy right? But, anyone can join and if you have a Jamie's near you I highly recommend it - you get a monthly treat whenever you go (this month was a glass of prosecco) and a sample, we got blood orange sorbet, as long with a bunch of other treats! 

To start we settled on a meat & vegetable plank to share. I'm not really in a position to compare this to anything else on the menu seeing as I've had this every time I've been but it really is delicious! There's a selection of meats, cheeses and pickles as well as grilled and marinated vegetables - my favourite part! You may want to order some bread to go with this although I personally don't think it's necessary. 

Onto what was in my opinion the real highlight of the meal, the mains! Matthew went for Sausage Bucatini; slow-cooked saddleback sausages, san Marzano tomatoes, chianti and gaeta olives. I didn't try this but he virtually licked his plate clean so it's safe to say it was pretty darn tasty. 

Although I may be a little biased I think my main, pumpkin risotto, was the star of the show! Creamy acquerello rice, roasted pumpkin, crispy beets and parmesan cheese with fried sage leaves. There's nothing better than a hearty risotto in my opinion so I make it a lot at home but it never tastes this good! 

Last but not least our free sample, a scoop of blood orange sorbet - the perfect palate cleanser to end a fairly heavy meal. 

All in all, this was a really delicious dinner although considering it is a chain restaurant (albeit owned by a world famous chef) it was possibly a little over priced despite the free prosecco and sorbet. However, this definitely wouldn't stop me going back! Head to Jamie's if you're looking for a good quality meal with some delicious options including some a little more unusual choices. 

What's your favourite cuisine to have when you head out for dinner? Is there always one thing that you go for or do you try and mix it up? 

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