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Monday, 2 February 2015 ·

If you've seen this post you'll know that I absolutely love exploring London's many markets - it's probably my favourite way to spend a weekend especially when the weathers nice. Broadway Market up in the East End is a relatively new discovery for me but it's already up there as one of my favourites. 

Although I love pretty much any kind of market, the food ones have got to be my favourite. There's just something about wandering along stalls packed with delicious homemade produce that I absolutely love, and the tasters always help too!

You can pick up pretty much anything you want when it comes to food at Broadway Market, from middle eastern salads to flavoured meringues and smoked salmon to saucisson. As well as the more unique or specialised products you can also pick up bread and fresh fruit and vegetables. This is why you often get locals who come to the market week on week to pick up the basics. 

In addition to food there is also a wide selection of handmade gifts and antiques. Lining both sides of the street on which the majority of the market sits are a number of cute little shops which are worth a mooch around and also cafes perfect for that mid-morning coffee. 

You know you're in East London when there's a cafe dedicated purely to hot jellied eels... not something I personally would ever try but whatever floats your boat! 

Although Broadway Market might be a bit of a trek if you're based in Central London or south of the river like me it's definitely worth the trip so get it on your to do list!

Have you ever been out to Broadway Market? 

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